We’re company of dreamers, doers, and adventurous souls.
We encourage our brokers to have fun while exploring their passions, providing the leadership and resources to do so.

The start of our journey began in the fall of 2006. On the way to meet Michelle at a coffee shop, I received a text from a friend that JetBlue Airlines announced a killer promotion called “All You Can Jet.”  $599 for 45 days of unlimited flights anywhere JetBlue flies.

I sat down at the table and read the text out loud.  “Want to do it?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Hell ya!”

“Are you sure? That means taking over a month off of work. I have five houses under contract.”

“We’ll figure it out. We always do.”

“O.k.” I said, hitting the ‘purchase’ button.

The promotion sold out within the hour.

We often reminisce of the early days, sitting in countless airport lounges asking each other “Where to next?”

Blending travel and real estate into a manageable, successful and fulfilling career is nothing less than an art. We spent countless sun soaked days on the beaches of Australia, Croatia, Dubai, Rio, Tonga, Mexico brainstorming how we could better juggle the two.  And what we realized is it takes whole lot of support to balance a successful real estate career and life/passions/travel/family.

So instead of trying to fit a ‘square peg in a round hole,’ we decided to create a real estate company that could do just that.

Our vision started with one simple goal, live an adventurous and fun-filled life. What started as a solution to personal ‘travel woes’ turned into a wildly successful business, helping people move beyond simply making a living to building a rich, fulfilling life.

Hip, Trendy Office in RiNo

Artists and Art Galleries.  Open-Air Art Installations.  Eclectic Bars and Restaurants.  Creative Live-Work Dwellings. 

These are just some of the characteristics of Denver’s thriving RiNo neighborhood where Urban Luxe resides. In today’s robust market, where you need to think creatively and push the boundaries of what is possible, a workplace shouldn’t be a drab maze of beige cubicles. Creativity comes from our environment, that’s why we created an inspiring storefront on Larimer that is apparent from the street…


They say you can't judge a book by its cover. We say, why not?

We’re a design-driven real estate company that believes beautiful visuals evoke inspiration, communication and connection. We take pride in creating stunning pieces to help promote you, your reputation and outreach.

Live with Passion and Purpose

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to have a higher purpose. We believe by prioritizing happiness in work and life, together we can create change in the world more than we ever thought possible.


Our Mission Statement

Urban Luxe Mission Statement

In-House Creative Agency

Our in-house creative agency is at your disposal. Award winning art directors, graphic designers, and marketing experts will custom design your marketing, branding and identity pieces. Need a swanky brochure for that $1M listing? A trendy postcard to farm a neighborhood? Custom signage for a new development? No templates here! Custom pieces for you, by you.

Full Time Transaction Managers

Need an extra hand to coordinate inspections, liaise with title, lenders, clients, schedule photography, appraisals, chase signatures, create documents or audit files? In the busy work of real estate, everyone needs a 'right hand man' and we have the perfect people for the job! Our full time, licensed transactions managers help you with the pesky admin details so you don't have to!

Lead & Referral Generation Tools

We're always championing new skills to help you grow your business bigger and faster. Simply upload your database and our marketing team will do all the rest. From robust drip marketing campaigns, professional credibility pieces, monthly statistics and lifestyle pieces. Keep in front of your past, future clients, referral sources and potential leads with personal branding all your own.

Hip & Trendy Office in RiNo

Creativity comes from our environment, that’s why we wanted to create an inspiring workspace for our Brokers and support staff. Our office is located on 31st & Larimer in the heart of RiNo. We designed it to make our brokers and clients feel more like they’re in a trendy restaurant or a hip lounge than in a real estate office. The inviting environment is apparent from the street and encourages walk-in traffic.

Stress Free Commission Structure

We have a simple commission structure all inclusive of a desk at our RiNo office, your support staff, transaction coordinators, in-house creative agency, website & social media campaigns, office events, sign installs, CSS showing service, professional photography & virtual tours. ** Minimum 2 yrs experience & production requirements apply **

No Desk Fees, Transaction Fees or Franchise Fees!

Yup- you read it right. No desk fees, franchise fees, admin fees, transaction fees, transaction coordinator fees, software fees, office fees, or just for the heck of it fees. There are a few things you do have to pay for but not much- your Real Estate License, E&O, CTMeContract account, Continuing Ed, Denver Board Membership, Metrolist, and any printing, postage, and personalized yard signs. We take care of the rest!


If You're Still Reading This We Should Talk.

We’re not for everyone. We made a choice to be better, not bigger, and we’ve found by being very selective of who we hire everyone is happier. Still curious? Let’s schedule a time to chat. Rest assured- because ‘we’ve all been there’ at some point, we understand the necessity of complete confidentiality.

Urban Luxe Real Estate
3060 Larimer St.
Denver, CO
  • Just 20-minutes from Ubud, this 150-year-old teak house in Bali was designed by a Japanese Zen master. Options for tranquility abound: lounge in the indoor hammock, take a swing ride over the Ayung river, admire the tropical view or simply appreciate your infinite wisdom in landing here.
Photo: @judezander
  • Not for the faint-hearted, Tommy’s hike to the top of Mount Storm King in Seattle features steep switchbacks, three sets of ropes to climb, and an ascent of 2,000 feet in just two miles. And when you're finally standing still, it'll be at the summit, taking in views of Lake Crescent from the clouds.
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  • Looking out this second-story window is like gazing on a painting—only you can actually feel the Tuscan sun seep in. And the rustic kitchen, with its wood beams, offers the perfect frame.
Photo: @shanshan.lam
  • Ask host Natacha how she ended up in Caraíva and she'll tell you a story about her dream of growing old by the sea, eating fried shrimp, and drinking something cold within earshot of waves lapping off shore. When she first visited Caraíva, Brazil–– a remote fishing village on the southern end of Brazil's Bahian coastline–– she saw that dream in real life. And in the decade since, she bought land, built her home, and then became a host.
Stay with her and she'll recommend the best places to find those dreamy fried shrimp, and maybe some traditional Bahian cuisine like moqueca, fish stew served in a clay pot. For that, head to Boteco do Para where the owner has his own fishing boat (so you know that moqueca is fresh!) and boasts a renowned spot to watch sunset.
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Photo: @piariverola
  • Surf Skiing is like kayaking, but lighter, faster and infinitely more fun, especially when it includes city skyline views of beautiful Gaia, Portugal. Bailey will have you zipping along like a pro. Afterall, he was training by a 12-time world champion in the sport. Also included: imaginary gold medal, bragging rights, and a day on the Douro river you’ll never forget.
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  • Creating an eco-friendlier world starts with the home, and @hideoutbali’s bamboo hideaway makes sustainable living a no-brainer. The riverside breeze is your air conditioning, a ukulele is your sound system, and the glow of fireflies is all the night light you'll need.
Photo: @jshineaway
  • Jennifer was teaching paddleboard yoga before it was even a thing. With her, you can explore Regent’s Canal while practicing yoga on your board in the floating garden of Paddington Basin. It’s not just a unique way to see the city or find your balance. It’s also a chance to hang out with Clyde, the city’s most famous paddleboarding dog, downward or otherwise.
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  • Greet the spring in style from a rejuvenated 1963 A-frame in the pines while supporting a local institution. The hosts donate part of your fee to the nearby Big Bear Alpine Zoo, which has been rehabilitating injured wildlife since the cabin was just a lowercase a.
Photo: @jordanjsaylor
  • Catch your breath with local yogi Lis on a breezy rooftop above the bay. After class, stick around for tea to get to know her and the Cuban yoga scene.
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  • Dubrovnik has lots of well-known vistas, like Old Town’s Minčeta Tower and Ploce Gate. But this hilltop home makes a strong case for quieter, less crowded seaside views—especially when they’re from your bedroom.
Photo: @travellingwithnikki
  • If these plants look happy, it’s because they get to spend all their time in this sunny penthouse loft. Not that they care, but the city center is just a short walk away, and the adventurous dinner spot Clooney is practically next door.
Photo: @mrcigar
  • Step onto the neighborhood streets of Le Plateau in Montreal, and you can’t help but feel a creative spark. Jaimie and Maya, owners of the local Make studio, will show you how to channel that inspiration at the potter’s wheel. Afterward, over a cup of freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, you’ll remember just how invigorating it is when you make time for art. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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